And the winner is….


Team Corixidae - Winners of the Great Canoe Race 2009

Survivor Wetlands (Spring Training Day) was held on Saturday, April 18th and was a huge success!  There were about 60 participants (including Tantramar Regional High School students, teachers, and members of Ducks Unlimited Canada) and were divided into 4 teams: Corixidae (the Water Boatmen), Nepidae (the Water Scorpions), Gyrinidae (the Whirligig Beetles), and Dytiscidae (Predaceous Diving Beetles).  After participating in 5 activities (Migration Headache, Wetland Benefits, Touch Boxes, Birding, and Critter Dipping), teams were ready for the final challenge, the Great Canoe Race!  It was a close race, but in the end team Corixidae (pictured above) won the trophy. 


A huge thank-you to all who participated and helped make this training day possible.  Now students are trained and ready for the Spring Program visitors starting the first week in May.