Winter 2008/09


Wetheads assisting with the Winter Program in 2009

Another winter gone by, and with that, so has another Wetlands in Winter program.  A training session for the Wetheads was held on January 13th and the program this year started on February 3rd and finished just recently, with our last class visit on March 20th, 2009.  Just in time for spring to arrive!  With the wonderful assistance of about

43 Wetheads, this program was successfully delivered to 703 visitors in 27 class visits.  We had a few cold days, but for the most part the weather was cooperative.  We had enough snow for everyone to use snowshoes and enough animals visiting the wetland to provide tracks for us to follow and identify. 


In the upcoming weeks, the TWC and Wetheads are gearing up for the Spring Program (Project Webfoot) and the annual “Survivor Wetlands” Training Day.  This training will be held on Saturday, April 18th.  Stay tuned for the results from our challenge!