Wetlands Through Waterfowl

Program: Wetlands Through Waterfowl
Available: Spring, Summer & Fall
Grades: 6 through 12
Maximum group size: 33 pupils

Fall is a great time to give students a unique opportunity to experience wetlands first-hand through the study of one major component – waterfowl. TWC staff and volunteers will lead classroom and field sessions aimed at letting students discover the many interesting features that make these creatures seasonal residents of our wetland habitats.

The 2 hour program begins in our wetlab with a colorful introduction to New Brunswick’s waterfowl and a discussion of some key conservation issues relating to waterfowl as a resource. Following this session, students will have the opportunity to practice their identification skills in the Center’s 40-acre freshwater marsh located immediately adjacent to the lab. A key component of the field session in the fall will be a waterfowl banding demonstration during which the visiting students will be invited to participate in the handling, banding and release of live birds.